Product Update: Spring 2021

Our latest Sales Enablement software release has just been pushed out, and as ever, we’ve been hard at work to bring you the updates and changes that you’ve requested.

We’re always looking for further opportunities to streamline our sales enablement software, give our users greater control and make it easier than ever to position the right content in front of the right prospects.

Here are a few of the key updates you’ll benefit from with the latest version of Data Dwell.

Content Prioritisation

Every piece of content in your sales funnel – and the wider customer journey – is important. Each product information sheet, white paper, case study or fact-finding form serves its purpose.

But not all content is created equal.

Some pieces are more important than others. Some more effective at engaging a cold lead.

Some more essential in closing a deal.

Our sales enablement software helps businesses identify which content is most valuable  at driving conversions.

But when you know which content is important for your customer journey, you need to make sure you prioritise it. You need to make sure your reps know which content is recommended over others, and which they should always try and share.

That’s why we’ve introduced a content weighting system. You can now assign different values to different pieces of content, so your team knows which content should be prioritised over others.

The higher the value, the more valuable that content is in securing conversions.

Content tracking and updates

We’ve also made several small changes across our platform to help you further identify which content is used most often by your team.

You can now see which content is searched for by users, with all the data recorded and reportable. And we’ve added notification and automation functionality for whenever a new version of a file is uploaded or when new content is added to the library.

You’ll be able to see which content is regularly refreshed, and your reps will be able to make sure they’re always sending the latest version. They won’t miss a new piece of content that could be extremely useful to them.

Increased visibility and UX

We’ve also been hard at work behind the scenes to further improve the usability of our software, so your team can work as fast and efficiently as possible.

One simple change: thumbnails now appear for all URLs and video links added to a portal. Both internally for sales reps and externally for prospects, this small update makes it easy to identify the content you’re looking for. It’s already proved a big hit.

To help streamline your platform view, asset libraries can now be hidden. And to increase efficiency, you can now set a default download setting for all content when sharing a portal. One click and all content within a portal can be downloaded by the prospects you share it with.

If you want to, you can still control the download setting for each content piece individually.

Customisation and Compatibility

Finally, to support our customers who use other software with Data Dwell, we’ve made several updates focused on customisation and compatibility.

You’ll find it easier than ever to work with Lightning Email Templates and the Lightning App Builder.

If you’re using Data Dwell’s Send Email Apex Action, we’ve increased functionality with Salesforce Email Templates. And if you’re sending an email outside of Salesforce, we’ve added a ‘Preview Portal’ step for extra peace of mind.

Have we missed anything?

We’re always looking for new ways we can support our existing customers and improve Data Dwell for every user. If you’re struggling with an action, want to integrate with another piece of functionality or have an idea that might streamline a workflow then let us know.


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