Does your organization need to know more about Revenue Enablement?

You’re probably already very familiar with sales enablement.

You’re likely already using sales enablement software to enhance your sales funnel and close more deals.

Perhaps you even think your organization has a highly developed, highly effective sales enablement strategy.

But that’s just the beginning. If you’re not looking beyond sales, if you’re not focusing on revenue enablement, then your organization is missing opportunities.

“Those organizations that aren’t focusing on revenue enablement are leaving money on the table. They’re not getting maximum value from their software or their strategy, and they’re missing out on additional revenue.” Olafur Thorkelssoon, Data Dwell CEO

But what is revenue enablement? Why is it important? How is it more useful, more effective than sales enablement?

All great questions, which is why we’ve written The Ultimate Introduction to Revenue Enablement.

If you or anyone in your organization needs to know more about revenue enablement, this free, 20-page ebook is the perfect place to start.

Download your free copy now.

Why revenue enablement?

The more you know about revenue enablement now, the sooner you can deploy your software more effectively, improve your customer journey and increase your revenue.

It’s that simple.

As our introductory ebook explains, the way we sell is changing. The way customers buy is changing. They now demand more. They expect a great experience from start to finish on their journey with your organization.

And those customers still want a great experience after they close a deal with you. They don’t just drop off at the end of the sales funnel.

They continue on their customer journey – giving your organization many opportunities to deliver a great experience and earn additional revenue from them.

Acquisition is an important part of any organization’s revenue – but it’s not everything. Far from it. Customer retention is equally – if not more valuable – so why wouldn’t you want to implement a revenue enablement strategy?” Olafur Thorkelsson.

In our Ultimate Introduction to Revenue Enablement, Olafur Thorkelsson, Data Dwell CEO, explains why Sales Enablement is broken, how it excludes everyone else in your organization and why you need to learn more about revenue enablement to focus on the whole customer journey.

9 reasons why revenue enablement is important to your organization

You should already see the value that a revenue enablement approach can bring to your organization, but our ebook goes into all the detail you’ll need to convince senior leaders and operational teams about its importance and effectiveness.

You’ll find 9 compelling reasons why revenue enablement is important to your business, including how it:

  • Helps you wins more client and increase your retention rate
  • Streamlines processes and removes silos
  • Minimises buying hurdles
  • Shifts your focus onto every customer touchpoint

Everything you need to know to increase your revenue

Implementing any new organization-wide approach is always going to be a challenge, but our ultimate introduction will give you all the help you need to convince your colleagues of the value of revenue enablement.

It’s your quick, cheat-sheet guide to understanding everything about revenue enablement so you can share it with others in your organization. It includes:

  • What revenue enablement is
  • How it’s different to sales enablement
  • Why it’s essential for your business
  • Who it should impact in each department
  • How to start working towards a revenue enablement approach

Download the Ultimate Introduction to Revenue Enablement, and you’ll find everything you need to know about this highly effective strategy – including 8 simple steps that you can implement right now.

Get your free copy here.

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